Leave management can be a complex process independent of the rostering with the manual invention by payroll.  

This fact often requires detailed off-system activity that need not be the case. Employees often need to first seek approval from their manager, who must contact HR to approve the employee’s leave balance. When the employee goes on leave, the manager needs to advise HR, who must calculate how much leave to reduce their balance.

Leave management can be so time-consuming and error-prone to calculate leave balance and payments. These calculations can be even more complicated when employees’ work days and times vary. How much leave time is accrued each work day in this situation? This is particularly true if the employee is on a part-time contract with a range rather than a fixed number of hours in each pay period.

Weekly work hours can often range between 20 to 38 hours, with a variance of daily hours from 3 to 7.6 hours a day, adding complication to leave accruals and balance adjustments. If the employee worked this Monday for 4 hours, then Tuesday for 7 hours, etc., it is complex to determine how many hours to accrue leave over in a day or pay period.

The payment of leave, if leave was taken on, say, on Monday and Tuesday, should I earn the same amount of leave payment for each day; of course not. These types of complications are attributed to identified employee leave underpayments. Inzenius will allow the accrual of leave by employee hours approved in the timesheet shifts, by standard hours, Banked and credit leave, providing the dynamic accurate accruals of leave balance each pay run.

Many businesses will apply the average work week for each employee to determine how much leave to accrue and pay for each day of leave taken. How can this work if the average varies of the time the leave was accrued with Annual and LSL leaves accruing balances over more than one year? It can’t, without time-consuming effort by payroll. There needs to be a better way, and there is #ThatsInzenius. Integrating the leave process in Inzenius removes the complexity and automates leave management.

Inzenius interpretation is incorporated into a rostering or T&A and payroll system, including automated accrual and payment calculations of all leave as part of the payroll processing.

Take also a case where additional leave is accrued for employees who work more than a few days on weekends.

 The Most Efficient Leave Management

Inzenius is the most flexible, automated leave balance management system in the market, with accruals based on authorised times worked or standard times per pay period with the ability to look back at the number of weekend days worked during the year for the addition of the additional shift workers leave.

Employee request leaves via their device.

Employees can apply for leave via their device, which will add the leave request for the days selected to their future rosters.


This advises their manager that leave has been requested for their approval.
The manager reviews leave requests.

The responsible rostering manager can easily manage leave approvals, with each employee’s leave balance presented within the roster and timesheet authorisation screens.

Their managers approve these rosters as generally as they would approve any roster.

Leave approved with automated payment in the pay run

The payroll will pick up these leave rosters and pay them as interpreted for the period without manual intervention.

Automate your leave management with Inzenius and use the time and effort freed up for more strategic purposes of business management and strategy setting.

Rostering, Leave, and Payroll are in one system.