The Leadership Team

Our Team - Inzenius

The Inzenius team is Australian based with substantial experience in the design and delivery of innovative and efficient people management software systems.

We’re proud to be a diverse team united by our values of openness, positivity, and innovation. No matter how big or small our team are, we always feel like a family.

Russell Bode – Director of Innovation

Worked in and for leading service businesses for over 40 years.

Russell built his career on creating high-value innovative, people and business system process design and delivery tools.

Post his Harvard University graduation he established Inzenius delivering the most efficient award-winning platform, Inzenius.

His focus on customer high-value system design and development has seen many client accolades including Telstra and Oracle innovation and business awards.

Jason Hart – General Manager – Product and Services

Jason is a long-standing member of the team with over 15 years of experience with Inzenius, primarily focused on our customers’ technical needs like integration, deployment, and project management.

His drive and focus are to achieve a better customer experience with efficient methodology, automation, and new technologies.

Whether it be integrations with other systems or enhanced adoption of Inzenius features, Jason bridges the gap between customer experience and development.

Jasmin Parikh – Senior Developer

Jasmin understands the complexities of payroll and interrelated systems software for the Australian and New Zealand market conditions, focusing on end-user experience (UI) development innovation.

She has worked in payroll software for over 15 years across multiple countries.

Always focused on staying up to speed with the latest technologies to assure the development team achieves excellence in software functions for the Users.

Currently completing an MBA.

Values we live by

Customer focused

Customers are at the centre of all Inzenius decisions and considerations. We always aim to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the product and services provided.

Innovation & Learning

Inzenius is always on the lookout for new and innovative technologies and processes to improve the product and the services provided to our customers.

Trustworthy and openness

Trustworthiness and openness are root level for us at Inzenius. Information is open and freely shared by default.


At Inzenius, we foster a supportive environment between our teams and our customers to ensure that everyone we encounter feels heard and understood.