The timesheet can be much more than a tool to record employee shift start, finish and break times.

The Inzenius sheet is much more granular than that, enabling data against not on employees and locations but also positions, events and tasks with all payroll cost components broken down for for each shift or part thereof.

These records better serve the requirements of a modern system by allowing multi-employee engagements in one day with different Locations, Positions, Pay Grades, and Tasks being allocated.


You also want to expand the data capture of each employee’s work in the timesheet to include Units of productivity, jobs undertaken and for what customer. This delivers powerful productivity reporting and analysis tools.

These granular Roster and Timesheet records deliver dynamic roster and job costing as well as the data for the payroll.

This data delivers a comprehensive cost breakdown not only in $ dollars but also in minutes and seconds of time duration in one easy-to-use form.