Automatic Payroll System

Reduce calculations and errors with our payroll solutions. Our payroll system generates accurate payroll reports from employees’ electronic timesheets. 

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Efficient and Integrated Automated Payroll System

The most efficient payroll process from employee agreed and signed electronic timesheets. Inzenius' Australian innovation award winner interpreter was designed and built from the ground up. It includes the granularity to convert any number of engagements into a shift timesheet and then use its patented award engine to comprehensively undertake its automated payroll production. Multiple shifts pay allowances and leave calculations are processed automatically. The shift data can include the employee times across multiple sites worked at. The ability to apportion components of the shift to different locations, positions, grades, tasks and/or projects undertaken which can then be measured against benchmark productivity targets. This data can also track billing for tasks undertaken.
Compliant Payroll Management System Automated rostering to payroll

Compliant Payroll Management System

Automated rostering to payroll
Our fully integrated Award Interpreter and Payroll solution reduces manual payroll calculations as wages are calculated directly from each employee’s authorised rosters and electronic timesheets

Automated payroll calculations from approved timesheets

Reducing errors of payroll processing

 Improved employee satisfaction

Comprehensive reporting capability

ATO Single Touch Payroll (STP2) & IRD Payday Filing compliant

Compliant Payroll Management System Automated rostering to payroll
Electronic Automated Timesheet Software on iphone

Electronic Automated Timesheet Software

Employee electronic Timekeeping records are validated against their Rosters for each shift, creating an electronic timesheet for sign off and management approval, automating times worked for Payroll.

The employee will have direct access to the times approved on their device for follow up prior to payroll production if required.

Payroll Reporting

Generate accurate payroll reports to validate pay data before processing to ensure accurate remuneration

Simple Payment Process

Easily pay your employee wages using standard ABA bank files, and superannuation contributions through your preferred clearing house

Government Reporting Compliant

Report directly to the ATO and/or Inland Revenue, with report data derived directly from the payroll data procossed in Inzenius’ payroll system

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