Award Interpreter Software

Simplify award compliance with our Award Interpreter Software. Automate award wage calculations with an easy setup and maintenance. Reduce manual calculations and data entry efforts.

Award Interpretation

With Inzenius’ built-in Award Interpreter and Payroll Management system, the risk of underpayments and non-compliance with legislation and award conditions is significantly reduced. The complexity of Australian payroll and leave rules and conditions is identified as the most complex in the world. That is why you need an Australian payroll system provider like Inzenius We understand the requirements and have built the most comprehensive and accurate payroll interpreter

Simplify Award Compliance with our Award Interpreter Software

Automated payroll calculation from rosters & timesheets
With Inzenius’ built-in Award Interpreter and Payroll Management system, the risk of underpayments and non-compliance with legislation and award conditions are significantly reduced

The most accurate and comprehensive configurable Award Interpreter Software

Reducing manual calculations and data entry effort

Configurable to specific rules and agreements

Compliance with Australian and New Zealand conditions

Automated payroll calculation from rosters & timesheets
Automated payroll calculation from rosters & timesheets
Robust Award Interpreter

Robust Award Interpreter

With our built-in Award Interpreter, eliminate the need for ‘Back-end’ coding by IT to pay complex award conditions and rules

Configurable Award Interpreter Software

Configurable Award Interpreter Software

Grade setup is easy and simplifies the application of even the most complex award rules. New award rules or conditions can be added and easily setup as required

Determining Award Compliance Conditions

Determining Award Compliance Conditions

Electronic Timesheets are used to automatically determine when certain award conditions are to be applied



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Award interpretation for the appreciated award is a legal requirement. Australian comprehensive and detailed award interpretation software ensures that the calculation of payroll based on the supervisor and employee electronic timesheet is accurate and compliant with the employee pay agreements. The ability to accurately interpret the cost of a roster based on the payroll interpretation with segment times and cost available for each job or role is undertaken by the employees engaged is so powerful.

Award interpretation software enables the efficient and accurate processing of payroll; it reduces the chance of omissions and errors. Having a compliant award interpreter ensures the pay is going to be correct as no manual intervention is generally required. Today employers and directors are under tight regulation about their responsibility to pay their employees correctly.

As it is configured to automatically apply its calculation based on the approved timesheet and presents payroll with the payment process with a click of a button.

Every employee has a contract of employment that will outline their pay entitlements this is the contract. They will be set up to reference the condition of their employment that can be modified on their employee file with their particular entitlements and rates.

Award conditions are determined by the FWO as the body that is responsible for approving policing pay accuracy for all employees in Australia. They are a body that has the power to investigate each and every complaint and then the business on its compliance. The Award interpreter setup is a process that includes the Inzenius consultants working with the business management in analysis and the implement compliant conditions as approved by the business management.