Payroll Compliances with automated Award Interpretation From the Approved Timesheet Improve Efficiency and Costs

The old way of the pay office manual intervention to create an accurate and compliant payroll must be improved upon to satisfy the award rules and employee satisfaction and engagement.

Many businesses have suffered reputation damage and direct backpay costs and penalties of up to 6 years of wage underpayments for current and past employees.

To continue to address these issues in the future, payroll processes need to be updated to bring together the full employee Rostering, Timekeeping, Timesheet, Award Interpretation and Payroll processing into one system reading from one set of data of truth.

Further, full integration from Recruitment, Onboarding, and HRM in one system delivers substantial time, efficiency, employee satisfaction, accuracy and cost savings.

The Inzenius package can include all the processes from employee Onboarding linked to Rostering, Time & Attendance, Australian Compliant Award Interpreter from the approved Electronic Timesheet and STP2-approved Payroll processing and distributions in one.

Employee HRM Rostering Timekeeping and Payroll system in one include onboarding data entry efficiency.

Simplified Rostering development and Employee notification is another feature that dries not only roster development and distribution efficiency. The cost can be better managed as the rosters can be costed through the Award Interpreter and using the Employee Rostering Software.

Electronic Timesheet Software with GPS locating reporting back to the staff rostering system.

Simplified Electronic Timekeeping Software delivers data directly into the Inzenius Electronic Timesheet, ready for management approval and employee validation, compared to rosters for supervisor approval.

The Payroll Process is as follows:

  • Use the system to identify missing approved timesheets for all rostered employees.
  • Select to execute the payroll, where the system takes the data from the approved timesheet and accurately interprets each employee’s pay. No manual calculation or data entry is needed.
  • Review the data from the executed pay for approval.
  • Commit the pay run.
  • Send the created pay files to employees’ banks via the ABA file system
  • Run payroll reports
  • Submit STP2 directly from within in-system

What makes InzeniusRostering to Payroll so different?

The Automated Payroll System in-system comprehensive Award Interpreter from its Electronic Timesheet Software presents to supervisors the comparison of times attended to the Staff Rostering System for analysis and approval. The system will create the ability for group electronic sign-off of all the compliant times worked and present for review and acceptance of any variances.

Remote employee timekeeping processes are available from a mobile smartphone, a computer, a kiosk or a mobile device with a GPS site tracking clock.

Adding the capability of the system for the tracking in the Staff Rostering System of time worked on different jobs provides the ability for job labour costing with analysis of the Award Interpreter available to the Staff Timesheet System as well as the Electronic Timesheet Software for each job and or customer. This data allows the creation of a direct billing API for the business billing system. It also can deliver labour time and cost productivity analysis based on the time allocated for each task completed compared to the actual time and cost.

The HRM Rostering Timekeeping Award Interpretation Payroll integrated into the one system delivers a great employee experience.

It delivers this efficiently through its employee portals published to their devices.

The feature that can be included in the Staff Rostering System is the publication to each employee via the Staff Rostering Software of their roster for their acceptance. Unfilled rosters are updated directly for the supervisor to follow up on those not accepted. If a roster remains empty, the supervisor will be presented with available employees to fill the shift with the appropriate skills and permissions to work at the site.

Other employee portal functions

The HRM Rostering Timekeeping and Payroll system will enable the employees also to add their availabilities, leave requests or update details on their employee file with a direct update to the Payroll System.

Employees will also be able to view their approved times on the device in the Electronic Timesheet Software and address any errors or omissions with their supervisor each day after the shifts have been approved in the Electronic Timesheet Software.

Employees can view the payslips on the device in the Inzenius HRM Rostering Timekeeping and Payroll System.

They can also view their leave balances as they apply for leave, which the supervisor can then approve online in the Staff Rostering System.

Building and costing rosters to the business budget is easy due to the Inzenius Award Interoperation Software link to the Inzenius Employee Rostering System. Award Interpretation Software systems will cost the rosters developed and compare them to the budgets established for each business unit. This provides the opportunity to modify the Staff Rostering before they are published to the employees.

Rosters are ready for publishing. The supervisor pushes the rosters to each employee’s mobile device.

Powerful report functionality us MS Power BI

Using the MS PowerBI capabilities, the data is readily available to develop business reporting and dashboard needs.

The power of the integrated in-one-system Inzenius HRM Rostering Timekeeping and Payroll System and its unique capabilities in its Australian Compliant Award Interpreter is all delivered in its Rostering Time and Attendance Award Interpreter Payroll system, built specificity for the Australian and New Zealand payroll rule environments.

Getting Automated Payroll interpretation wrong is not an option these days.