The Payroll Underpayments Focus Began Well Before the 2020’s

In May 2018, before the pandemic hit, the Victorian Labour Government was on the warpath to address payroll underpayments.

In 2021 the federal Labour Government, before their election win, was focused on underpayment and low wage growth.

The Seven Eleven and George Columbaris cases sparked a media storm on wage theft.

Today the wage theft pandemic is well in focus and being addressed by the authorities.

The historical and systemic ignoring of industry Award conditions of the day by many industries has created a liability on the business that adds to millions of back payments being enforced together with prosecution in some severe cases. Back-pay rehabilitation can go back over six years.

Whilst none of us can change the errors and omissions of the past, we can get on top of the present.

We need to address wage underpayments enshrined in our business practices urgently.

  • Review the current payroll to highlight any errors and omissions.
  • Consider the contributing factors to the errors being made.
  • Update practices to avoid the potential to create payroll errors
  • Create a timetable for auditing of payroll practices

Inzenius can help through this journey.

  • Supporting award rule set up in the Award Interpreter.
  • Implementing automated award interpretation from the approved Timesheet.
  • Establishing efficient Rostering with automated Timekeeping analysis.
  • Facilitating compliant timesheets with management and employee sign-off for Payroll.
  • Removal of manual calculations for Payroll.
  • Simplifying the Payroll process through system automation.

Get in contact with Inzenius to chat about how we can help.

Inzenius can include some unique productivity and processes improvements in your labour management, including:

  • Efficient employee work time and cost to event tracking.
  • Employee event productivity reporting.
  • Efficient workflow from Roster building all the way through to Payroll processing.
  • Contemporary employee communication to and from their devices.
  • Time and cost saving through the entire process from Onboarding the Payroll.

All of these are through a single easy-to-use Inzenius Platform.