Payroll Cost Reduction and Automation

Some smouldering issues must be addressed as we settle into the new financial year.

One of these issues is Payroll and employee productivity.

This service industry cost inflation due to the higher proportion of overall labour costs and the need for labour to generate the income potential of the business is unavoidable.

This factor is coupled with the increased cost in securing and acquiring these people’s resources.

The drive by the government to introduce legislation and regulations to move the dial on wages to catch up with inflation is impacting on businesses’ direct labour costs.

Further compounding the labour cost to business is the focus on underpayment investigation and penalties by Fair Work.

Payroll Integration and Automation

Automating the payroll with a fully compliant Award Interpreter utilising the required in-system Timesheet with employee and employee sign-off is the way to go to ensure compliance and efficient, high-productivity payroll processing. #ThatsInzenius

  • The system delivers efficient dynamic roster development and costing as they are built to help in labour cost management.
  • Payroll is automated, with time and cost reductions of more than 30% being achieved in the payroll functions.
  • Team communication is automated to each employee’s device
    • Roster notification.
    • Leave requesting and approval.
    • Timesheet sign-off.
    • Employee detail updating from employee device.
    • Payslips are accessible on employee devices.
    • Employee communication with their supervisor and payroll from their device

Bringing these functions together in one system delivers exceptional efficiency and accuracy.

Payroll Compliance and IR Conflict

We watch with fear the number of payroll investigations leading to substantial cost increases for many businesses.

The impost on the business of repatriating identified underpayment for as many as  six years in the past

The government’s move is to facilitate the introduction of union-friendly IR strategies that are shifting their power.

  • The return to pattern barging where small enterprises is being caught up in paying the rates negotiated with the larger competitors.
  • The Better Off Overall Test (BOOT) principles that individual agreements have to satisfy to be permitted.
  • The payment of Overtime and Penalty rates outside a set of boundaries many salaried employees are becoming entitled to.
  • The need to convert Casuals to Permanent employees at the employees call after 12 months.
  • Additional Leave entitlements are being introduced.
  • The requirement to facilitate work-from-home requests

These imposts sit on top of the many other issues facing business today.

Inzenius can help by working with you to design and implement the best Rostering to Payroll management method.

Inzenius Payroll has Rostering, Time & Attendance, Timesheet and Payroll in one system with accurate automated Leave & Award Interpretation.

Inzenius’ automated Intelligently rosters draw on data history for the particular Day, Event, Location, and/or Position from comparable previous rosters.

The roster can include the same shifts for each employee. If, for any reason, a particular employee is not available, the system will present a list of available employees as replacements. Once the Rosters are created, they can be published to each employee’s device for their notification and acceptance.

Time & Attendance Validation

Time & Attendance recording can use their device or installed biometric reader at the site. These times are reported against each employee’s roster and presented to their supervisor, where times are different to the roster for exception approval. The supervisor can bulk approve all matching times so the employee can review them for their sign-off.

Automated Leave accrual and Award Interpreted Payroll is compiled and ready for review, approval and commitment at a touch of a button.

Intelligent Employee Communication 

Automating employee communication from and to their devices adds to the reduction and complexity of the activities.

Manual data entry and calculations are a thing of the past with Inzenius, from Onboarding to full Payroll processing automation and efficient employee advice and data flow.