The debate over #GenderBias in business leadership has been raging for a number of years now. The pandemic has presented the opportunity to consider how this bias may have been and could impact on the performance of our businesses.  Further evidence is presented in the HBR article that women can make great leaders and it may be in the best interest for business to focus on balancing their leadership teams
“Across numerous metrics, including job engagement and job performance, the worst outcomes occur when a man works for a man, and the best outcomes occur when a woman leads either a woman or man”
Rasmus Hougaard, Jacqueline Carter, and Marissa Afton HBR
Having focused on the removing gender bias in our #Inzenius  leadership development over the past 10+ years we believe women can be better or at least as good as men in #TeamLeadership driving better business performance.
Inzenius focuses on seeking current and potential leaders who  focus on their own career developments providing support and encouragement is where Inzenius has succeeded.
In a previous Blog we highlighted the successful completion of the attaining of MBA’s by two female staff members who up to a point in their careers had focused on the technical rather than managerial skill developments.
Inzenius encourages team members to avail themselves of the opportunity offered recognising the impact potential on their engagement.
The Inzenius Team Development Partnership Model
To enhance team member learning, we crafted their work to include on-the-job leadership activities; a little like a Leadership Apprentership.
1. Peer coaching on actual leadership role activities augmenting formal leaning.
2. Inzenius supported formal learning that much easier providing the paid full work day per fortnight towards their course activity. A real partnership
3. Work time flexibility where appropriate recognising the importance of work/life balance.
4. The provision of the connectivity technology to support remote working