Focus on Team Engagement & Retention. Employee retention can be a most important factor in the optimisation of your business performance. This is a particular focus as we pass thought the stages of the current environment. Team members at every stage hold different perceptions of their work life and its impact on their life as a whole.

A missing link to addressing employee retention and engagement may be to better understand what they like about working with the company and the activities they enjoy at different times to measure how the team members are tracking.

narrowing in on why people leave may exact a price: Managers should spend just as much time understanding why employees choose to stay

Sabina Nawaz CEO Coach


Discussion about what particularly they like about their role at a particular time including team dynamics, job activities, personal development and career opportunities may be as important as renumeration.  Showing you are interested in their career and its integration with their personal life may be so important to them, and to the business.

Including integrated processes and tools that make it easy to capture and monitor team member attitudes at points-in-time may prove most important to analysis shifts in attitudes before they turn negative.

Whether you utilize the inner-circle of Inzenius features alone or link to the outer-circle of 3rd party applications though interfaces matters for efficiency to streamline the collective HR, Team Communication, Rostering, Payroll management processes.