Inzenius Event based Rostering with Automated Award Interpretation from the Approved Timesheet Drives Efficiency for the Venue Industry

Racing premier sporting and function venues operator upgrades to Inzenius 2023 Event and Venue Rostering, Timekeeping and automated Award Interpretation Payroll system.

The various venues managed by the group had been using a rostering process that required substantial time and effort to build schedules for each event and notify staff of their required attendance. They did not capture actual employee attendance times for comparison to rosters, requiring substantial manual time data entry for payroll processing. All these functions have been automated seamlessly, improving the accuracy of event costing whilst reducing the time and cost of rostering through to payroll production.

“Inzenius’ technology and software products streamlined the process of staff management. It allows for a range of rostering processes, including automatically building rosters based on the event attendance and times, web-based employee roster notification and acceptance to each employee device streamlining communications. Time & attendance validation, automated electronic timesheet production based on validation of times worked back to the planned roster through to payroll production in one application”.

Inzenius software products are particularly suited for event-based businesses providing a seamless single code-based, enterprise-level application that can easily scale for larger organizations with multi-site operations.

Inzenius Software Product Suite:

  • Employee Onboarding
  • Auto and manual roster development
  • Web roster notification
  • Award Interpretation
  • Time & Attendance
  • Automated Payroll from Approved Timesheets
  • Reporting Services