The Payroll in the Australian market has begun its journey to payroll compliance with the new IR legislation and further award interpretation complexities. Inzenius has been working with many companies to identify where their current payroll may incorrectly interpret pay. HR consultancies like the Save Group have also been helping their clients prepare for the changes.

“I was struggling with a back pay project for over 12 months. However, The Inzenius team responded to my query and provided the requested data within a day … exceptional service and great software that will assist many other organisations, too!”                  Bianca Toce – People & Culture at Advisor Save Group













The key driver in the required changes is ensuring employees are not worse off than they would be if paid on the appropriate award. This is underpinned by the Better-Off-Overall (BOOT) test.

Another core change is the requirement to offer casual staff permanent employment after a year of service if they request it. This will see more contracts as part-time employment with the award interpretation processing and payment burdens on business. The part-time awards offer some relief with the ability to set a range of hours rather than a fixed amount for each pay period. Rostering times will be critical to lessen the burden of permanency of employment.


Another option is as is the case for many enterprises the ability to structure the roster around multi-hire. This is where an employee can work in a different role under a different award that, when applied as a split shift, can be worked at the casual rather than overtime rates.

The system that incudes the roster and payroll in the one system will be a great advantage for this cohort of employees. The key to managing employees and payroll in the new regime is the maintenance of timesheets approved by management and accepted by employees, which is crucial for this environment we find ourselves in. All in one Rostering, Timekeeping, Award Interpretation and Payroll is the way to go delivering compliance, and efficiency. A sound payroll system that has 2 steps to payroll:

  1. Report on missing timesheets for follow-up
  2. Execute automated payroll.

That’s It.

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