The Timesheet Needs to enable the Creation of Employee Multiple Engamants in One Shift

Payroll is changing with innovative platform designs.

The old timesheet records of Start, Finish and Break times only being recorded have passed.

These records better serve the requirements of a modern system by allowing multi-employee engagements in one day with different Locations, Positions, Pay Grades, and Tasks being allocated.

The timesheet is a copy of the Roster validated against the timekeeping records for automated payroll.

In many cases, employees can be rostered on a Muli-Hire shift where the engagements are treated as separate jobs without the need to sum the total hours of the shift to calculate overtime.

Expanding the timesheet to facilitate this type of capability helps deliver automated payroll processing.

You also want to expand the data capture of each employee’s work in the timesheet to include Units of productivity, jobs undertaken and for what customer. This delivers powerful productivity reporting and analysis tools.

These granular Roster and Timesheet records deliver dynamic roster and job costing as well as the data for the payroll.

The timesheet form includes the roster and timekeeping rows for efficient site supervisor rostering to the timesheet for automated payroll processing.