Payroll Automation Could Not Be More Accurate and Efficient Than This. 

Incorporating the process from Rostering, Timekeeping, Timesheet processing, Automated Award Interpretation, and Payroll in one Australian and New Zealand-compliant system., that’s Inzenius

The payroll is complemented with the minimum amount of effort and time.

Employee communication portal to their device adds to the efficiency and employee satisfaction of Inzenius. 

The employee communication tool includes Roster notification and acceptance, TTmekeeping visibility, dynamic Tmesheet for sign-off and Payslips. 

It also enables employees to self-serve their Profile update, request Leaves, and Direct Communications to their manager and payroll.

The Inzenius Configurable Award Interpreter automates the complete payroll from the approved timesheet. 

  The flexibility and configurable capability of the Inzenius award interpreter is the difference. No other system has such a process the patented Inzenius system