Simplifying the Payroll BOOT Award Interpretation Process.

The Better Off Overall Test Will Be So Easy With Inzenius.

On the 6th of June 2023, Fairwork legislated changes, including the BOOT amendments for salaried employees. Other changes included •Flexible work requests and requests for the extension of unpaid parental leave – the Commission may deal with disputes about flexible work • Amendments to the bargaining and industrial action provisions commence.

Most employees, including salaried, will be required to submit times worked timesheets that are to be used for the BOOT assessment of the pay they receive. If the pay falls short of what they would have received, if they were paid on the Award or if times worked fall outside the designated maximum standard work hours and outside of Mon to Fri and 7:00 am and 7:00 pm, they will be required to be paid additional or loaded rates of pay for these hours.

Inzenius is ready for this requirement with its ability to run the salaried pays in the usual way and then re-run the BOOT pay run where the employee’s timesheet data will be included and interpreted against the employee’s timesheet hours worked for automated comparison to what the employee would have received for these hours under the Award for the BOOT analysis and adjustment if required. Just select the industry award and run the secondary pay run and reports.


Simplified Set Up

And Valuable BOOT Reporting