Tracking employee time on tasks  can be so efficient with Inzenius Payroll

The system is an all-in-one Rostering, Time & Attendance, Timesheet, automated Award Interpretation and Payroll system with Task Unit Tracking for productivity analysis and invoice creation automation that also delivers accurate complex Award Interpretation from the planned rosters compared to timekeeping approval in the system Timesheets.

Watch these 3-minute videos to understand how simple the system can be.

Roster and Timesheet Authorisation 

Employee Communication and Sign Off

In the video, we highlighted the communication of the rosters and timesheet directory to each employee device as approved.

This employee engagement and efficient communication s also includes the ability for employees to update their personal data, record their times worked at each location with GPS-enabled record keeping, request leave online with a simple approval process and communication, retrieve their own payslips and communicate directly with managers and payroll.


There are many more features suited to your industry.

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