Payroll and Managing Work-From-Home (WFH) Employees and Their Productivity

With the recent Fair Work ruling for Public Service employees covering Federal and ACT, and NT public sectors, telecommunications, call centres, employment services, commercial broadcasting, aviation and science and research not being required to return to the office, we will probably see many more industries following the same direction “These significantly improved, and enforceable flexible work rights will open doors for individuals who were previously unable to consider APS employment or had to leave because of a change in circumstances,” Mellisa Donnelly CPSU National Secretary.

The outcome and the requirements to pay any work time penalties and loading for the time these employees work from home provide a number of challenges for businesses.

In some instances, the work outside of pre-determined outer boundaries of overtime hours and non-base loaded work times requires individual interpretation, even for salary employees. In a number of awards, the requirement for award interpretation beyond the defined outer boundaries has been enacted at a loaded or the award rates for such hours. We believe this could be the norm going forward.

The need for effective, user-friendly timekeeping recording, even for salaried employees, must be implemented to facilitate the adherence to these legislative and Fairwork and enterprise agreement rulings.

Challenges in Working-From-Home Management and Reporting Include:

  1. Times worked record keeping
    • Will need timekeeping records to validate the timesheet approvals.
    • A process of management of the sign-off and employee acceptance of the timesheets.
  2. Timesheet records required under the Fair Work Act
  3. Payroll interpretation of times worked about penalties and loading outside of the standard boundaries for work times.
  4. Productivity recording and reporting on activities undertaken by the WFH employee
    • Tasks are undertaken during work time,
    • Measured against expected times to complete the tasks for productivity analysis.
    • Employee visibility of the timesheet approvals for any remedial actions needed.

The Solution Is

Inzenius Payroll with the capability to efficiently deliver the requirement in one system.

The system is an all-in-one Rostering, Time & Attendance, Timesheet, automated Award Interpretation and Payroll system with Activity Tracking for productivity analysis and even invoice creation automation that also delivers accurate complex Award Interpretation from the planned rosters compared to timekeeping approval in the system Timesheets.

Watch these 3-minute videos to understand how simple the system can be.

Roster and Timesheet Authorisation

Employee Communication and Sign Off

In the video, we highlighted the communication of the rosters and timesheet directory to each employee device as approved.

This employee engagement and efficient communication s also includes the ability for employees to update their personal data, record their times worked at each location with GPS-enabled record keeping, request leave online with a simple approval process and communication, retrieve their own payslips and communicate directly with managers and payroll.

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