Accurate Australian and New Zealand automated Award Interpretation with efficient workflow from Rostering, Timekeeping, Timesheet processes and full Payroll processing.















You need to be comfortable with configuring and supporting the users of your system from a creditable and component payroll system provider with deep payroll and processes in the Australian and New Zealand markets.

The #Inzenius #Payroll team has been designing the most efficient Payroll workflows in Australia and New Zealand for over forty years.











Awards of innovation from Telstra and Oracle.

  1. Innovations included telephone Timekeeping/Timesheets well before the internet was created automating the payroll of companies like Spotless Services.
  2. Fully automated Award Interpretation design from the approved Timesheets for companies like Crown Casino.
  3. Industry-focused Payroll system design for venues, events and unit activity interpretation industries to name a few.

The Inzenius team works with and for our clients in designing, implementing and supporting high-value accurate automated Payroll process that delivers for our clients.












Payroll is such a critical function for most businesses today. The team behind the system you choose need to have the experience and credibility in the markets you operate in.

You need Inzenius Payroll.

Over the past three years, we have been head of so many companies being found to underpay their staff.

  • The common reason in most of the underpayment cases is incorrect Award interpretation caused by either manual calculation and data entry errors and omissions or incorrect payroll system configuration that often cannot handle the complex Australian and New Zealand rules.
  • Another cause of the recent bout of discovered underpayments is not that the rules have necessarily changed but the popular attention to the highlighting of requirements that have led to high-cost back payments and penalties to rectify past underpayment practices.
  • Further exasperating the problem of wage underpayment is the lack of competent staff to undertake the role of Payroll Award Interpretation.
  • The Government interventions through Fair Work and other agency empowerment and encouragement to address Payroll underpayments have led to criminalising such intentional practices and behaviours.

A key function that will address the central issue in underpayment of Payroll is the complete automation of the core function of compliant Award Interpretation from the Fair Work compliant Timesheet with its management and employee sign-off of the times worked.

It can be as simple as the incorporation rather than as an interface with the automated Award Interpretation from the system timesheet.

The most effective process can best be initiated with the efficient Rostering process where the rosters are built based on the history of available previous successful Rosters, tuned for the current workload filled with available employees. #ThatsInzenius.

Once the Rosters are created, they can be Award Interpreted through the same Payroll compliant function. #ThatsInzeniuis.

Contemporary Roster communication to and from employees with the supervisor publishing them to each employee’s device for their notification and /or acceptance delivering efficient roster workflow. #ThatInzenius.












Employee Timekeeping from their device with GPS tracking flowing directly back their Rosters for supervisor notification of attendance. #ThatsInzenius.









Each employee Timesheet is automatically created where the times match with the roster, with exceptions able to be reviewed by management for manual sign-off. Once the timesheet is authorised by management the employee can see the record on their device. #ThatsInzenius.

Any missing timesheets are highlighted for follow-up prior to Payroll processing. #ThatsInzenius.

Payroll automatically Award Interprets the Payroll from the approved Timesheets #ThatsInzenius.

Payroll Reports are created for review and sign off including Payroll, Management, Banking, and ATO STP processing. #ThatsInzenius