Payroll Processes Productivity is a Must Today

In a recent copy of a blog from Peter Wheeler Workforce / People and Organization @PwC Australia we can draw on his ideas from the PWC Workforce Ideas on redefining productivity today.

There have been numerous discussions on the pitiful results of productivity in Australia in the past three month; what to do about it.

As we moved to a more service industry focus labour and it costs and productivity are so much more of a challenge.

In people management the ability to use technology to reduce the dependence on people has seen some, but not enough efficiencies in technologies

applied, but it has not been enough to reverse Australia’s standing in productivity ranking

Payroll Processing , a Focus

In the management of people to tasks and the required payroll processing needs to be the focus from here on in.

Rostering and Payroll process are two such processes that are ready for a change in what and how we can improve the process to deliver productivity with employee satisfaction improvements.

Adding to these benefits is the current focus on improving workplace laws and rules compliance.

Empowering Employs to Act on Productivity

Empowering front line team members to focus on their area of responsibility’s own productivity challenges solutions is a key to not only productivity improvement but better leadership engagements and job satisfaction.

Replace Repetitive Task with Motivating Activities

Removing the need for reputative activities that can be automated like the interpretation of the payroll directly from the approved timesheet using Award Interpretation software is one such innovation. Such a process also reduces the risks of errors and omission in the payroll. #ThatsInzenius

Release the back-end payroll team resources from the repetitive, time critical drudgery of undertaking manual processes to complete the payroll is a no brainer. This will free them up to contribute to preventive labour resource wastage. #ThatsInzenius

The PWC article espouses “sustainable idea generation requires a healthy, balanced, engaging work” and I agree with this sentiment. #ThatsInzenius

The article also espouses that “rather than asking how to measure productivity using traditional metrics, leaders need to reassess what they are producing towards in the first place”. It further states “the primary goal of a high-performing knowledge worker is to produce differentiated products or services at high quality. In payroll this may mean to focus on the accuracy and compliance of the payroll using intelligent structured process like automated award Interpretation from the approved timesheet. #ThatsInzenius

Rather than trying to “return to normal for productivity, this is a golden opportunity to change how productivity is thought about in the workplace. Five steps can help you do this” I contest that we should not let a crisis like we face today go to waste. #ThatsInzenius

It is really the time to act on process design with the shortfall and $ unit cost of labour impacting on our business’s goals. #ThatsInzenius