Can business afford to take an undertaking of back paying more than $5M as has RSL Life Care?

Underpayment due to rostering errors and the payroll miscalculations may be so common.

The solution is to automate the calculation directly from the systems timesheet without the need for manual intervention with an Australian compliant Payroll system with its inbuilt Award Interpreter.

#ThatInzenius all in one Rostering, Timekeeping, Award Interpretation and Payroll.

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RSL LifeCare signs Enforceable Undertaking

Aged and veteran services organisation RSL LifeCare Limited has back-paid staff in NSW and the ACT more than $5 million and entered into an Enforceable Undertaking (EU) with the Fair Work Ombudsman.

The underpayments were caused by RSL LifeCare making fundamental payroll and rostering system errors, including incorrect system set up and incorrect pay rules being entered.

The majority of the underpayments involved RSL LifeCare failing to pay overtime rates in a range of situations where they needed to be paid, such as when employees had not had sufficient breaks between shifts and when part-time employees performed work on rostered days off but had otherwise worked less than 76 hours in a fortnight.

Another significant cause of the underpayments was RSL LifeCare’s failure to provide shift workers with an extra week of annual leave they were entitled to. Some employees were also underpaid weekend penalty rates.

RSL Lifecare has back-paid over $5.1 million to more than 3,591 current and former employees, including superannuation and interest. Individual back-payments range from less than $1 to more than $76,000.

Fair Work Ombudsman Sandra Parker said that an EU was appropriate because RSL LifeCare had cooperated and demonstrated a strong commitment to rectifying underpayments, including devoting significant resources to engaging independent experts to oversee its rectification.

“Under the Enforceable Undertaking, RSL LifeCare has committed to implementing stringent measures to ensure workers are paid correctly. These measures include engaging, at the company’s own cost, audits of its compliance with workplace laws over the next two years,” Ms Parker said.

“This matter demonstrates how important it is for employers to place a high priority on their workplace obligations and ensure that their systems and processes support full compliance. In this matter, fundamental shortcomings in RSL LifeCare’s payroll and rostering system led to long-term breaches of its own enterprise agreements and a substantial backpayment bill.”

A small amount of entitlements remains owing to workers RSL LifeCare has not yet located. The EU requires that the outstanding underpayments be rectified by April 2023.

Under the EU, RSL LifeCare is also required to provide FWO with evidence of systems and processes it has put in place to ensure future compliance, commission an independent organisation to operate a Hotline for employees to enquire about their wages and entitlements, and commission workplace relations training for human resources, payroll and rostering staff.

To learn more about Inzenius read on:

It is all about the culture and the drive, delivery and maintenance behind it.

The Inzenius story is all about innovation in automation of comprehensive Award Interpretation, linked directly to the Time and Attendance validation against the Rostering with the Payroll System for the automated creation of the Electronic Timesheet with its electronic sign off by the manager and employee through to Australian Compliant Award Interpreter automating payroll production and processing, including STP2 Payroll system and bank processing of pays.

The HRM, Rostering, Timekeeping, Award Interpretation Payroll with contemporary employee communication to and from their mobile device delivers a great employee experience with all-in-one experience.

Australian Compliant Payroll Is So Much Easier with Inzenius’ Award Interpretation Software

The Inzenius package includes all the processes from employee Onboarding linked to Rostering, Time & Attendance, Australian Compliant Award Interpreter from the approved Electronic Timesheet and STP2 approved Payroll processing and distributions in one. That’s Inzenius.

All Inzenius users were easily set up on the Inzenius STP Payroll System reporting platform due to the flexibility of Inzenius’ Australian Compliant Award Interpretation software.

Employee device HRM Rostering Timekeeping and Payroll system in one includes onboarding data entry efficiency.

Easy Rostering Development and Employee Notification. using the Employee Rostering Software.

Electronic Timesheet Software with GPS locating reporting back to the staff rostering system.

Simplified Electronic Timesheet Software inbuilt into the Inzenius Payroll System directly into the Inzenius Electronic Timesheet Software makes it so easy for the staff to record their time worked at each location with GPS tracking and automated time recording for validation to rosters for supervisor approval.

Inzenius commenced with the development and launch of its Award-winning Rostering with Payroll System in 2007. It has been awarded the Oracle and Telstra Innovation Awards and has a patent for its innovative system design.

What makes it so different?

The Automated Payroll System from Inzenius’ own in-system comprehensive Award Interpreter from its Electronic Timesheet Software presents to supervisors the comparison of times attended to the Staff Rostering System for analysis and approval. The system will create the ability of group electronic sign-off of all the compliant times worked and present for review and acceptance of any variances.

Remote employee timekeeping process from a local phone, computer, kiosk or mobile device with GPS site tracking clock are options available.

Adding the capability of the system for the tracking in the Staff Rostering System of time worked on different jobs provides the ability for job labour costing with analysis of the Award Interpreter available to the Staff Timesheet System as well as the Electronic Timesheet Software for each job and or customer. This data provides the opportunity to create a direct billing API to the business billing system. It also can deliver labour time and cost productivity analysis based on the time allocated for each task completed in comparison to the actual time and cost thereof taken for the job.

The HRM Rostering Timekeeping Award Interpretation Payroll integrated in the one system delivers a great employee experience efficiently through the system’s employee portals published to their devices. The features that can be included in the Staff Rostering System is the publication to each employee via the Staff Rostering Software of their roster for their acceptance. Unfilled rosters are updated directly for the supervisor to follow up on those not accepted. If a roster remains empty the supervisor will be presented with available employees to fill the shift with the appropriate skills and permissions to work at the site.

The HRM Rostering Timekeeping and Payroll system will enable the employees to also add their availabilities, leave requests or update details on their employee file with direct update to the Payroll System.

Employees will also be able to view their approved times on the device in the Electronic Timesheet Software and address any errors or omissions with their supervisor each day after the shifts have been approved in the Electronic Timesheet Software.

Employees can view the payslips on the device in the Inzenius HRM Rostering Timekeeping and Payroll System. They will also be able to view their leave balances as they apply for leave that then can be approved online by the supervisor in the Staff Rostering System.

Building and costing rosters to the business budget is easy due to the Inzenius Award Interoperation Software link to the Inzenius Employee Rostering System. The systems Award Interpretation Software will cost the rosters developed and compare them to the budgets established for each business unit. This provides the opportunity to modify the Staff Rostering before they are published to the employees.

Once rosters are ready for publishing the supervisor with a click of a button, pushes the rosters to each employee mobile device. Of course, the alternative is to print and post the roster from the easy-to-read roster publication and print tool

Using the MS PowerBI capabilities, the data is easily available for the development of the business reporting and dashboard need.

The power of the integrated in one system Inzenius HRM Rostering Timekeeping and Payroll System and its unique capabilities in its Australian Compliant Award Interpreter is all delivered in its Rostering Time and Attendance Award Interpreter Payroll system, built specificity for the Australian and New Zealand payroll rule environments. Getting Automated Payroll interpretation wrong is not an option these days.