The most important role of a leader is to present the opportunities and be a coach and support your team members grow and to develop to be the best they aspire to be; That’s It.

The team member needs to take ownership of their own development and opportunities; That’s It

Over the years I have found myself in leadership roles for small and large businesses. The largest business employed over 8,500 employees at a single site, another over 28,000 employees.

At Inzenius with the lessons learned and are still learning, in my long career we have implemented the broadest of boundaries in which each team member can reach to fill. That’s Engagement.

The following image best describes the Inzenius approach of broadening the boundaries and aspiration. A career is a continuous apprenticeship in learning and growing in capability. The environments in which these activities are undertaken makes all the difference.

Team members are provided support and coaching in expanding their capabilities in the business.

The outcome is the development of the Engaged team members to grow to their full potential.

Even in the event the team member grows beyond what Inzenius can offer as a career the opportunity to be the best business for ambitious and dedicated employees to join and improve the business performance. That’s Powerful

An example of this is described in the letter from an employee that recently outgrew what Inzenius could offer after 9 years with us. We will miss her but are proud of how we have helped her grow to her potential whist with us.

The following letter says it all for me. So Proud

The employee’s departing comments included “my sincere gratitude for the opportunities you have given me, “you have challenged me, built me up, shown me I am capable of so much more than I realised, and most importantly given me space to make mistakes and learn”.

Her replacement will also be offered opportunities to grow and develop in their chosen field. #ThatInzenius

  • The Opportunity to be a key support services team member to our Rostering, Timekeeping, Award Interpretation and Payroll
  • The opportunity to use the day per fortnight paid time to attend to their formal
  • The support to work on Projects of Interest.
  • Woking in a Supportive team environment.

Coaching is my career and has been for many years.
Isabel Wu the author of The Michelangelo Project references the value of coaching in her career.

Acknowledgments Extract

Some people are lucky enough to have a boss whose positive inspiration continues many years after the formal work relationship is over. That person for me is Russell Bode, now founder and managing director of human resource management system, Inzenius. Russell taught by example, and his example was practical, honest, intelligent, compassionate, generous, results-driven management.” Isabel Wu – Author THE MICHALENGELO PROJECT

About the Author

Isabel Wu is a change management practitioner, trainer and coach specialising in the intersection of workers, customers and organisations. She established Meta Management in 2003, a consultancy which today focuses on helping its clients to develop and manage the ‘people parts’ needed to succeed as the Fourth Industrial Revolution emerges to dominate the way we live, interact and consume in society. Isabel began her career in the service industry and completed a Bachelor of Business with a double major in marketing and organisation development/organisation behaviour. Over three decades experience in business and management since, she has honed her expertise in the human side of enterprise. The insights she gained along the way led her to write The Michelangelo Project, examining the nature of work in an increasingly automated world. She lives in Melbourne with her husband, their teenage daughter and cat.