Let’s do our part to support and help build our local Australian businesses.
– Buying local services is a no brainer as it brings the skills to deliver our needs from Australians lifting our countries productivity.
– Incorporating more Australian built elements further supports local businesses.
– Australian skills are enhanced when the elements of the end product are built in Australia.
– Incorporating Australian innovation lifts the countries capability.
– Increasing Australian content in the product and services we buy lifts our economy.
All of the above can improve our living standards.
Inzenius is a proud Australian innovator with its award-winning payroll software and we like to do business with our Australian partners to deliver the best for our customers.
From a real problem of solving efficient and accurate payroll award interpretation and process design innovation to commercialisation, the Inzenius journey is a great Australian story.

Inzenius Case to Buy Australian Payroll Innovation
The Inzenius story began with the designing of a most innovative Rostering to Payroll platform that could deliver the most efficient Rostering, Timekeeping and automated Award Interpretation to Payroll processes in the one system.

2006 the funder was Awarded a patent for the Inzenius platform process design

2007 Inzenius team awarded the Telstra Innovation Award.

2018 Inzenius was a finalist in the Oracle Innovation Ignition Lab.

Inzenius innovation continues to deliver payroll accuracy and efficiency for the company’s clients by keeping up with the the uniquely Australian and New Zealand statutory and regulatory award interpretation and statutory reporting requirements.

In May 2022 Inzenius payroll was approved for the ATO’s Single Touch Payroll 2 (STP2) direct interface platform.

It has been reported that as of June 2020 many systems have not achieve accreditation
A large number of Australian payroll systems have not achieved accreditation. In many cases their core system design are not capable of complying with the ATO requirements.

High value innovation drives Inzenius to further assist its Australian Clients including:
– Direct roster costing though the payroll award interpreter.
– Dynamic leave planning and management within the rostering process.
– Employee communication to their device.
– The capture of time to multiple tasks undertaken by each employee each shift.
– Cross business dynamic site attendance comparisons to rostered times.
– Application of different award conditions to different times of a day or defined periods.
– Employee productivity reporting against tasks and shift time and costs.
– Completed Unit $ or time billing export from employee timesheets.

Many payroll software system providers in Australia are now foreign owned and or use overseas developed and/or hosted systems.
– The problems for them are they often struggle with the efficient automation of the award interpretation from the timesheets in the complex Australian IR environment.
– Most payroll offers are multiple systems that are often a build of different systems rather than being in one. This approach can cause problems.
– Need complex interfaces between multiple systems from rostering, timekeeping to payroll
– Data flow errors and omissions.
– Lack dynamic employer to employee communication of rosters and approved timesheets.
– Missing or last-minute timesheet follow up requirements adding to payroll work load.
– Require manual intervention to convert timesheet data into the various payroll categories.
– Increase resources and costs required to complete the payroll processes.
– Risk of errors in the payroll.
– Require manual intervention for reporting of payroll.

We are proudly Australian with the unique Australian innovative culture.

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