Getting Help

Submitting your Support Ticket Email

Getting Inzenius help is as easy as sending an email to

Uh oh! I need help writing my email

We understand that writing support requests is not fun. You may be frustrated and find yourself at a loss on what to say and what information to include in a ticket so that you get your issue across to the support team effectively.

The thing is, writing a clear and detailed support ticket is the key to speeding up the support process. It saves our Support Gurus a lot of time going back and forth trying to get information from you.

Here are some helpful tips to follow when writing a support ticket:

Do not panic.

We understand that you’re frustrated but before you begin typing, try to stay calm. This may sound ridiculous, but it helps you explain your issue in a more clear and concise way. Our Gurus handle a heavy load of high-pressure issues from a lot of customers. When you are calm, it helps our team stay calm, which helps them resolve your issue more quickly. Everybody wins!

Write a clear and concise subject line – focus on the details.

This is the key to getting your issue resolved more quickly. It helps to immediately tell us what your issue is. Bad subject lines do not give any context, are hastily written, and waste valuable space with redundant wording and punctuation.

Here are two example subject lines. Which do you think is better?

Example A – NEED HELP ASAP!!!!!!
Example B – URGENT – Cannot access my computer remotely

I am sure you will agree that subject line B is the best. Effective subject lines can still display urgency, while simultaneously explaining what the issue is.

Give a full and detailed description of the problem.

This is the most important part of your support ticket. This cannot be stressed enough, the more details you provide, the better and faster we can help you. Here are some tips to help you through this part of the process:

  • Use a list and bullet points for easy communication.
  • Provide us with a description of what you are trying to do or what you did when you encountered the issue. Include screen shots – showing the whole Inzenius Screen.
  • Inform us about the prioritization of this issue. We need to know how many people this issue affects, the impact that it is having on the business and realistic expectations for time to resolution (Ex: I need this for a report for a board meeting this afternoon)
  • Include the time and frequency of the issue.
  • Do not forget to tell us any efforts that you made to resolve the issue yourself.
  • If applicable, be sure to tell us:
    • What browser you are using
    • What operating system are you using (Windows, Mac)
  • Any other technical details that you can such as:
    • The web address or URL where the error occurred.
    • Type of device you are using when you encountered the issue.
  • If you can, attach a screenshot or screen recording showing the issue that you are encountering.

Support Ticket Process

What happens after you send your email?

  1. An Inzenius Support Guru will triage and send you an initial reposonse – so you know we got your request!
  2. If we have enough information, we will start investigating
  3. If we don’t have enough information, we will reply asking specific questions to gather the information we need
  4. Once we have investigate, we will send you an email with our findings, including any specific instructions for you to follow to help resolve your query.
  5. Once your query is resolved, and you are happy, we will close the Support Ticket – hooray!

If you do not hear from us after 24 hours, reach out to us.

Rest assured, we are doing our best to get back to you in a timely manner and we do not want to keep you waiting. However, there are times when we handle a very high-ticket volume or are dealing with major issues. Every ticket that arrives in our ticketing queue is triaged based on its importance and then is assigned to the most qualified resource to help you.

Please do not create more than one ticket email for the same issue. We realize that you may be waiting for us to contact you but duplicating a ticket will only delay the process. Instead, it is best to check your ticket status and add a note to us to let us know that you are waiting for a response. We understand that when you have an issue with your technology that it is frustrating and that you want quick results. However, to do our best at resolving your problem, we need you to help us by providing us with a good support ticket.

As always, our team of Support Gurus at Inzenius are happy to help you through any of Inzenius needs or questions. Reach out to our team here.