Where To For Payroll After the Same Job Same Pay Legislation Passes.

Industrial Relations in Australia and New Zealand are complicated, requiring a deep knowledge of the rules incorporated in the employment regulations and laws.

It is not an option to ignore award compliance with back payments penalties with ignorance not being a defence for payroll management, business management and directors as well the company. For systemic underpayments, criminal prosecution is an option.

The Fair Work, Fair Pay Legislation will deliver new rules and laws shifting accountability from the investigators (unions and Fairwork ) proving underpayments to the company proving they did not underpay.

The definition of contractors will be tightly defined to exclude the ability to contract out to avoid pay compliance to workers doing the same job earning less than the appropriate industry award conditions for a swag of industries from In-Home care services, Labour hire and Gig economy workers, to name a few.

The Better-Off-Overall-Test (BOOT) overarching payroll rule requires the employee’s pay to be compared to the award for their hours worked, even if they are paid as a rounded salary.

You do not want your payroll process dependent on human intervention in calculating and data entry of these and many other payroll conditions—this is resource-consuming and fraught with risks of errors and omissions.

The tight labour market has seen a substantial exit of competent payroll professionals, creating a tsunami of payroll processing cost increases through employee wage increases.

Award non-compliance can be an expensive error to remedy with the requirement for substantial back-pays that you want to avoid in the future.

Automate your payroll award interpretation from the in-system timesheet record of hours worked without requiring file uploads,  integrations, or manual entry.

The system can be configured to interpret your business’s Award or EBA conditions accurately.

All in one system to take from Onboarding through Rostering, Time Keeping and Timesheet creation with automated Award Interpretation and Payroll processing.

You receive great local system support from dedicated professionals.

With Inzenius, you will receive the most comprehensive and configurable Award Interpretation directly from the employee’s approved timekeeping with the ability to automate the most complex of rules like:

  • Multi-period aggregation of overtime over any number of weeks or pay runs
  • Shift times include different pay requirements for shift components, including Multi-Hire, where the employees do not Join the hours in the second shift component for overtime.
  • Better Off Overall Test (BOOT) test of the salaried employees’ wages compared to what they would have earned if on the appropriate award.
  • Salaried staff’s outer boundary of penalty times worked more than a defined number of hours per week interpretation.
  • Leave accruals are automated and can be based on Per Pay Run, Per Period, Per Hours worked or added to if worked a defined number of non-Mon to Friday days.
  • Leave accrual reduction can be set at a default per pay period or based on the leave hours usually worked for the type of days. This ensures the accruals and deduction of leave balances are accurate.

And Many More.

The payroll will automatically compile the approved timesheets, and except for autopay, team members undertake all calculations at Shift, then Pay Grade, then Employee and then Business Unit level automatically.

The option to bundle the Rostering, Timekeeping and inward interpretation with the system payroll is the most efficient way to manage from  Onboarding to offboarding employees.

Using the configurable  API and CSV files, the system can be expanded to be part of the delivery of the full HRM stack used by the business all in one system.

Using the open preferred Power Bi tool option, all reporting data is available for client-specific business-wide data sharing for reports and dashboards.

That’s the system you need. Inzenius