Inzenius Foundation in Payroll Innovation

As a start-up in the early ’20s, the Inzenius team leader with over 20 years of experience in labour process productivity improvements innovation for companies like O’Brien, Spotless, and Crown focused on designing, from the ground up, the Inzenius employee processes from Rostering through to Payroll in the one system.

Inzenius was a small organisation at the time. “In sum, large organisations lack shared beliefs, validated principles, tactics, techniques, procedures, organisation, budget, etc. to explain how and where innovation will be applied and its relationship to the rapid delivery of new product.” Steve Blank, HBR Contributor

Inzenius Today

Coming forward to today, Inzenius developed and patented a uniquely designed platform that has proven to be a valuable foundation of an efficient system satisfying the existing and the latest complex rules required for the automated Award Interpretation of its Payroll from its Roster and Timesheets.

Further innovations included the ability to compartmentalise employee shifts to the project undertaken that can earn different rates of pay for each activity. #ThatsInzenius #Payroll

Inzenius System Today

The system will efficiently facilitate the department management to build a roster to the d demands of the business using period copy forward capabilities or build from the ground up based on the times and number of productive units to be produced in the designated period.

It will auto-search to fill the position with available employees and filter out any employees who are not available. The department will then be able to search for available employees with the requested competencies and permissions to fill these shifts.

Once the roster is built, the department manager can publish required or optional shifts for the employees to accept on their devices, with confirmation tags for each shift accepted to confirm.

The employee will log in to their working shift via the site timeclock or even their mobile device to record their times, GPS location and status for each shift.

The supervisor will then run the roster to the timekeeping diagnosis tool that will highlight variations of Timekeeping to the roster for their approval and auto-approve any matching records.

These approved records (Timesheet) will then be published to the employee device for their sign-off, providing a dynamic Fair Work compliant timesheet process for the Payroll to process the pay from.

The payroll team will run their diagnosis, identifying any missing data like bank accounts or missing timesheets for follow-up.

Employees’ work times will be collated from their timesheets for automated payroll production.