Menzies International is a leading provider of cleaning and property services with over 4,000 employees across hundreds of Australian sites.

Managing rosters and payroll in compliance of government legislation was inefficient and problematic. Reconciling employee performance with payroll took hours and left room for human error. The company wanted efficient integrated Online Staff Rostering, Service & Cost Management processes with a secure, flexible employee ID management.

Menzies rolled out Inzenius’ integrated Rostering, Cost Planning, and Payroll processing software with flexible Time and Attendance including Telephone Call-In and the Inzenius/Fujitsu Palm readers for the larger sites.

Timekeeping records are validated against rosters with dynamic visibility of late or no show employees to the company’s management and clients.
An efficient Timesheet comparison of recorded Roster times is undertaken for site supervisors authorising.

Once authorised each employee approves the electronic Timesheet as acceptance of times to be paid, removing the potential for future disputes.
The payroll system efficiently compiles the electronic timesheets for accurate award interpretation and payroll processing.

Greg Springall – GM Human Resources comments:

“We needed to be more compliant with industrial regulation and ensure that everyone gats paid the right amount”.

“Our managers can be more value to the business rather than being buried in paperwork. The system also gives our clients so much more control and enables us to manage each contract significantly more effectively. That makes for better service at lower costs with workload distributed in the most efficient way possible”.

“Inzenius has transformed how we manage our thousands of employees and It makes us look professional and honestly, it looks cool, which makes it attractive for potential clients”

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