Langham Hotel brings its payroll and HR in-house to improve staff satisfaction, award compliance, efficiency and costs.

The management of the Langham Hotel needed to achieve improved staff scheduling, award

compliance, management practices and costs consistent with the requirements of a high

quality, efficient hotel complex. 


The management was not satisfied with their hosted payroll service. It was not efficient in its

data capturing and authorizing processes of employee worked times and did not dynamically

compare actual times worked to plan. Reporting was driven from the pay-run only and did not

easily provide the desired information in a timely manner.


“Inzenius’ technology and software products streamlined the process of staff management. It allows for simplified roster development, time validation, through to automatic payroll system. It makes it simple to find replacement staff and allows you to quickly identify who is working where and at what times, which is key in the hospitality industry,” 

Wahid Banihali, Director of Finance, Langham Hotel.


Now the hotel departments are saving time in the development, as well as improving the quality, of the employee rostering software across the Langham Hotel’s entire business. “I firmly believe in Inzenius’ products and their people provide a level of service unparalleled in the industry,” Wahid said. 


Inzenius is a suite of software products that provide a seamless single code-based enterprise-level application that can easily scale for larger organizations with the multi-site operations.


Inzenius Software Products Suite:

Inzenius Services Products Suite:

  •  Labor Management Analysis
  •  Timekeeping Hardware & Networks
  •  Integration Service

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