The cost of labour is increasing, so efficiency is the goal. 

Keeping labour costs award-compliant and under control is critical in the current environment. Award entitlements commence at the point of the HRM contract of employment, rostering, timesheet and interpretation of the timesheet, and Interpreted pays, as well as individual employee and business unit rules and rates. Leave entitlements payment rules and regulations and an integrated payroll process must also be considered. 

The accurate payroll interpretation, drawing data from the timesheet plus any leave rules and conditions, should be in the same system. When duplicate rostering systems are used, the interpretation has proven to be at variances, causing complex out-of-system calculations and data inputs.

Out-of-system or manual calculations can lead to error-prone leave, payroll calculations, and reporting. The time taken to process such systems increases the complexity and cost of payroll processing.

The all-in-one rostering to payroll directly connected to the employee file is the most efficient process to help teams manage their department payroll costs.

Rostering to payroll RFI is an example of questions that are less than the optimum solution.