Inzenius Intelligence Is More Than Award Interpretation

Inzeniuus includes the ability to use the business demands to build event rosters. 

Demand-built rosters can help management create the appropriate rosters for particular events based on specified criteria, such as event type, roster days, and the times the event starts and finishes for a particular production or service of a selected number of units. This helps them build the most efficient roster for each event. 

Supervisors can use the Inzenius Demand Builder to build their rosters by selecting the activity (Event) type from the library. They then select the start and end times for the event and the number of attendees. The event can last more than one day.

They then select to populate employees qualified for each task, and the roster will be built for them for the event day(s)

Creating the Roster from the configurable and selectable elements 

The roster can be produced as unfilled and sent to the available staff on their devices for roster acceptance. Alternatively, it can be filled with available employees.  

Completed roster


To set up an Event Type 

The times before and after the unit start and end are set up with the employee position requirements.

Inzenius feature–rich rostering, timekeeping, timesheet, award interpretation and payroll all-in-one system delivers accuracy and efficiency.