Inzenius  Vision Impaired users are aided by Microsoft Windows 11 

Payroll today is so challenging. We love working on addressing challenging projects.

Inzenius addressed the requirements of satisfying payroll challenges, having designed its platform to simplify creating and configuring system rules for any requirement that could be faced, like the one we are addressing now.

The system is also designed from the ground up to facilitate the required legislative changes whilst reducing time and effort in payroll processing.

Now, teamed with Elmo, the Inzenius system can deliver all the people management processes from On to Off Boarding.

Recently, we were challenged to enable vision-impaired people to see if they could use the Inzenius system. Being a Microsoft platform and system, we were able to deliver Inzenius in the form included in this video.

Inzenius enables the recently legislated automated award and leaves interpretation compliance most efficiently, including automating the BOOT calculations at each pay run.



The Inzenius system is the most configurable, automated, and compliant system available in Australia and New Zealand. It saves time and money while reducing the risks of errors.