In these turbulent times, we should shift our focus to supporting Australian innovation where it is smart to do so. #ThatsInzenius

Inzenius’ patented Payroll with its complex Australian-compliant Award Interpreter, directly compiled from the systems Roster and electronic Fairwork-required Timesheet, delivers maintainable efficiency, $ cost savings and accuracy in one. #ThatsInzenius

The Inzenius system process innovation recognition awards from the Australian tech industry, including Telstra and Oracle Innovation Awards.

Inzenius is Aussie Tech innovation at its best; solving contemporary real-life people management problems and driving workplace efficiencies.  Like the Combined Harvester, Hill Hoist and Wi-fi are kin Australian innovations by Aussies. #ThatsInzenius.


The problems Inzenius solves are embodied in one system.

Efficient Processes. #ThatsInzenius

                From Rostering to Payroll

With dynamic $ Award Interpretation of the Rosters, with

Notification of Rosters to employee devices and

Remote Time and Attendance via the employee GPS-activated mobile device, with

Auto creation of the approved Timesheet with validation capability of times to be paid, and

Employee Timesheet sign-off via their device for payroll, with

Automated Award Interpretation of each employee’s approved timesheets, for

Completed automated Payroll processing, delivering

Improving regulation compliance and

Reducing risks of omissions and errors in the payroll processes

Inzenius Business Ecosystem Interfacing. #ThatsInzenius

With the businesses management and financial Ecosystems providing

Comprehensive efficiencies throughout the business while

Improving Employee engagement and satisfaction and

Delivering dynamic reports and dashboards

Value Creation and Risk Reduction. #ThatsInzenius

These Inzenius capabilities will add valuable improve compliance and create efficiencies for any business that needs to Roster and Pay staff under the Australian Industrial Regulations

Recently, we have seen the move to more regularity oversite of payroll compliance

New IR and Award conditions are being introduced, further complicating Payroll

We are seeing many new risks for the business under FWO and Inspectorate compliance audits that are impacting the business’s reputational, and financial, as well as delivering director and management prosecutions.

Payroll is right or wrong, there is no middle ground. #ThatsInzenius

Companies have been improving their regulatory payroll compliance whilst reducing the complexity and back-office costs in payroll processing with Inzenius by more than 30%

Proven and Tested #ThatsInzenius

Imagine a business with over 8,000 employees that required award interpretation over 5 awards across 5 different businesses in Australia and New Zealand running payroll with less than 3 FTEs. #ThatsInzenius

Imagine having the ability to maintain all employee data, including their timesheets, in the one easily accessed system #ThatsInzenius

Imagine delivering to the business team members an efficient contemporary communication process, including rosters, approved timesheets, payslips and communication portals for requests or employee data updates to their supervisors or payroll directly from the device. #ThatsInzenius

Inzenius Is Australian Innovation. #ThatsInzenius

We are an Australian-owned and Based technology  business that innovates and stay up to date with the Australian required and desired p*staff Rostering, Timekeeping, Timesheet Award Interpretation and Payroll functions and features.

We employ and develop Australian people.

We understand and apply our local knowledge to maintain compliance capabilities in the Australian and New Zealand workplace environments.

We are Australian Made, Owned and Supported.