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The Inzenius team leadership has a history of involvement in the VMA from its foundation back in the 1990s.  This included participation in the industry venues, including the MCG, Geelong Stadium, Sydney Cricket Ground, and over 25 other Sporting, Entertainment and Convention venues across Australia and New Zealand.

Our Event-based Rostering through to full Payroll production is the best in the industry

We’re proud to announce that we will be officially exhibiting at the 30th Asia-Pacific Venue Industry Congress in Melbourne from the 21st to 23 May 2023 at Stand #10.You can register #vmacongress @venuemanagementassociation

Register to attend @ https://www.vma.org.au/

Venue Event Focused Staff Onboarding, Rostering, Timekeeping, Award Interpretation and Payroll System.

Inzenius’ focus on event Rostering, including Payroll, simplifies the process for venues.

Copying employees worked time from a previous event that is bulk adjusted for the new event start time, or building the roster from the ground up could not be easier than Inzenius.

The rostering to payroll process works as follows:

  • Roster built from the previous similar event as a template
    • Simplifies roster creation
    • Ensures, as far as practical, the same staff serving the same customers are rostered to the same position on the day.
      • Builds good venue hirer relationships
    • Adjust the event start time will auto-adjust the employee’s roster times
      • Reduces time and effort in roster building
      • Helps keep labour costs in line with event budgets
    • Communicates rosters to staff device or another web-connected device for their acceptance
    • Enables timekeeping comparison to the roster from the staff’s device
    • Provides simplified approved timesheet creation
      • Auto comparison of Timekeeping to Rosters
      • Inbuilt supervisor and employee acceptance of timesheet
    • Automated Award Interpretation of timesheets using the system Award Interpreter
    • Direct employee communications into the system
      • Employee detail updates
      • Roster notification and acceptance
      • Approved Timesheet notification
      • Direct access to pay slips.

Inzenius leadership with over 35 years of venue experience and a graduate of the Venue Management School and Harvard PMD understands the complexities of the industry we work in.


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