Payroll is about disciplined actions repetitively delivered with accurate Award Interpretation, on time, and frequently.

“Ultimately, the best teacher is neither failure nor success in isolation: Wisdom comes from the thoughtful consideration of both in tandem.” Emre Soyer, Robin M. Hogarth HBR Contributors

In my many years in business, I have learned lessons from both successes and failures, and we apply these learnings to our Rostering, to Payroll system, Inzenius.

We have digitalised and automated the most complex process of Award Interpretation from the Timesheet and other mundane and complex elements. This reduces potential errors and improves efficiency.

Workflow and data follow-up processes have been distributed to supervisors’ and employees’ devices, allowing contemporary, efficient communications and approval flows. #ThatsInzenius

Drawn from the article by Emre Soyer, Robin M. Hogarth HBR Contributors,.

Systematically undertake a detailed review of each Payroll process change management or project success and failure implemented.

  • Stop investing time in dwelling on the failure elements of a project or process; rather, focus on the elements that were successful. Only focus on why an element failed to gain insight into the reason.
  • Delve into the reasons for the successful elements and add to your body of knowledge.
  • Make sure in your deliberation that a good idea is not discarded because of poor implementation

Success needs to be measured and catalogued in your body-of -Knowledge.

  • Maintain a good referenceable body of knowledge.
  • This body of knowledge forms the basis of a briefing document for new participants in the process.
  • It also provides a searchable reference point for team members facing challenges and failures to learn from.

How does Inzenius Payroll Process Work

  • Roster easily built in the system
  • Sent to employee device for acknowledgment/acceptance
  • Timekeeping records captured from employee devices with GPS tracking
  • Applied against the employee rosters for validation and approval.
  • Creating the employee timesheet for authorisation and their sign-off to the device
  • Pay automated Award Interpreted from the approved Timesheet


Inzenius Benefits

  • Accuracy of payroll to established Award conditions
  • Efficient effort and tie saving process
  • Improved employee communications and satisfaction.
  • Integration to other systems through file or API pull and push configuration
  • Exploiting the MS Power BI for dynamic client-specific reports and dashboards.
  • Local business with a deep understanding of the IR and Award conditions
  • Great local system support

The Inzenius Approach

  • Undertake a deep review of current Payroll practices,
  • Looking for opportunities to improve them in conjunction with the client’s needs
  • Find opportunities to reduce time and complexity in the payroll processes
  • Reduce overall costs in payroll process by over 30%
  • Deliver an efficient, accurate automated Award Interpreted Payroll
  • Provide great local support to each business

Inzenius team members have been involved in establishing best practices for a range of businesses, including Crown Casino, Spotless Chandler McCleod, the O’Brien Group and many more.