Automated payroll award interpretation accuracy is a must today to relieve stress.

Accurate payroll interpretation can be time-consuming and error-prone if the process includes off-system calculations to get it right. Payroll process can be so stressful for payroll team members.

Digitalization of the Payroll Award Interpretation from the employee-approved Timesheet will improve accuracy, and efficiency reducing the time and cost of payroll processing.

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The appropriate practice for getting Payroll right is outlined in the Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) Web site.

The broader requirements include the need to:

Provide the employee with their roster, usually at least 2 weeks in advance, and

Track and monitor their working times and hours each shift, and

Produce a timesheet with the Start and Finish times. Unpaid Breaks are taken, and

The Timesheet is to be authorised by the supervisor and accepted by the employee

Maintain the timesheets for at least 6 years, and then

The payroll to be Award Interpreted from these employee Timesheets.

Digitalisation of an integrated process from Rostering to full Payroll production is that way to improve efficiency and automated compliance of the processes.

The key to compliance of payroll is to have the digital system take the Timekeeping records and apply the Award Interpretation to produce the Payroll outputs.

The best design of the system is on one data base for the record of truth. This  will automate the flow of information from the different times worked each shift applying the appropriate rates of pay for each component based on the award conditions without the need for supervisor and payroll manual intervention.

Apply the process of information flowing between the management and employee delivers efficient communication of Rosters, Timekeeping, and Timesheet information to the employee device.

The digitalisation of Payroll :

Reduces time and $ cost of payroll processing

Improves compliance of payroll to awards and agreements

Reduce the potential of payroll error back pays and penalties

In some jurisdictions reducing the risk of criminal charges


A digitalised system in one system includes all the processes from Rostering, Timekeeping, Award Interpretation, Timesheet and Payroll outputs in one system on one database.

This structured system with interfaces to the business digital HRM,  Onboarding, Learning and performance management drive additional efficiency.

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