Some businesses payroll is not as efficient as they would like.

Difficulty in complete and accurate timesheet gathering

  • Accurate and timely records gathering of times attended at work
  • Efficient supervisor and employee signing of agreed times
  • Efficient receipt and entry of timesheets

The solution may be Inzenius with:

  • Employee validated attendance times capture from a devices
  • Dynamic remote recording of timekeeping in the one system
  • Timekeeping records presented along the roster for simplified supervisor approval
  • Easy follow-up on missing timesheets

Inaccurate award interpretation of pays based on times worked.

  • Errors in manual data entry of times worked for each employee
  • Misinterpretation of pay categories for each employee
  • Miscalculation of amounts for each employee to be paid

The solution may be Inzenius with:

  • Accurate automated interpretation of payroll from approved timesheets
  • The most complex of award rules interpretation capability
  • Flexible reporting of interpreted pays compared to plans

Employee rostering and cost control

Employee rosters completed in Excel and other not connect to payroll systems

  • Optimum rosters for workload not always undertaken
  • Lack of benchmarking of lowest cost roster options
  • Lack of visibility of employee’s availability
  • Manual notification of employee rosters
  • Manual timesheet data


The solution may be Inzenius with:

  • Rosters compiled easily in the system with copy function for best fit rosters
  • Built based on employee availability
  • Automated roster notification sent to employee device
  • Easy follow up on unaccepted rosters

employee rostering system example display on desktop

Employee timesheet completion and gathering

Employees may need to keep records of time worked even if the pay is a salary

  • No dynamic visibility of who has attended and at what times
  • Time sheets forwarding and follow up by payroll is time inefficient
  • Employees often do not sign acceptance of their paper timesheet
  • Analysis if times worked against plan and costs are not readily available

The solution may be Inzenius with:

  • Dynamic representation of times worked referencing against rosters
  • Simplified identification and approval of timekeeping when not match rosters
  • Automated publication day-by day of employees daily approved timesheet
  • Comparison of actual authorised shift pay costs compared to planned

Leave management in Australia has always been challenging

Employee leave accruals and management is often undertaken manually

  • Many leave balances are managed outside the payroll system
  • Require payroll actions to provide details to supervisor
  • Many leave balances inaccurate for non- standard worked hours
  • Leave availabilities need to be requested from Payroll

The solution may be Inzenius with:

  • Leave accrue balance by the employee appropriate worked times
  • Specific worked times can be configured to accrue the leave amounts.
  • Lave balances visible to rosterer when building rosters
  • Leave availabilities can be published to employee device
  • Leave requests by employee posted to rosterer for approval from employee device

Payroll team under time pressure to process payroll

Payroll team needing to undertake too much follow up and data entry


  • Too much paper-based HR forms and data entry into the system
  • Payroll processing deadline pressure
  • Many employee file data changes are needed to be manually entered by payroll
  • Payroll needs to manually identify and follow up missing time sheets
  • Pay slips need to be distributed
  • Leave requests need to be managed by payroll
  • High per payslip created cost

The solution may be Inzenius with:

  • Payroll automated from approved in-system employee timesheets
    • Payslip auto distributed to employee device
    • STP2 compliance
    • Lower per pay slip created cost

Reporting employee and payroll data across different systems is challenging

Reporting requires too much manual effort

  • Cross system data does not flow into the required formats for the business
  • Employee time to tasks reporting needing manual data entry in separate system.
  • Billable hours and costs to projects need manual intervention in separate system
  • Employee specified data requires manual searching and distribution

The solution may be Inzenius with:

  • Flexible reporting based on permissions to reports and data for each user
  • Employee, rostering, timekeeping and payroll streamlines reporting analysis
  • Reporting across 3rd party systems can be easily built for each business needs
  • Timesheets can include the activities covered for each employee in the day
  • Employee information available via their device directly into the system

Single Touch Payroll STP-2 Reporting

STP 2 compliance

  • It is now a requirement for payroll systems to report directly to the ATO STP2
  • This is seeing many payroll systems leaving the Australian market
  • STP-3 may yet include the need for the inclusion of times paid against pay categories

The solution may be Inzenius with:

  • Inzenius system is STP-2 approved and implemented across its customers
  • Inzenius already stores the times worked of pay for STP -3 if required

Better Off Overall Test (BOOT) Regulation

BOOT compliance

  • Salary employees may have to test their pays against their award
  • This requires capturing the times they worked – timesheets
  • The times they worked will need to be interpreted against the award
  • This process is a per pay run requirement with an annual review
  • FWO may follow up on compliance breaches with some going back 6 years

The solution may be Inzenius with:

  • Inzenius can set up salary employees as a separate case for interpreting their work times approved from the Inzenius timesheet against the BOOT award instrument for each pay run.


Data entry to 3rd party system

  • Much time and resources to transfer data to and from other systems
  • Errors and omissions in manual data entry

The solution may be Inzenius with:

  • Inzenius all in one from rostering, timekeeping, timesheet, award interpretation, payroll processing and reporting system
  • Tailored data transfer and dynamic flows to third party systems like HRM, recruitment, onboarding, learning, performance & succession, analytical and mobile devices

Employee Communication

  • Much time and resources in required communication with employee
  • Errors and omissions in data provided by employees


The solution may be Inzenius with:

  • Inzenius employee portal via their device options for employee data updates to their file, roster notifications, supervisor approved timesheets for their sign-off, leave availability and request with supervisor approval, changes in standard working availability, payslips history and general supervisor contact.

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