Year end for Payroll can be so stressful and with the need to then follow up with the STP2 upgrade it is not going to get much easier in the near term even though extensions have been granted by the ATO.

The Inzenius system users can sit back a little as they are all running in STP 2 now; well done. This result was achieved due to the great work of out Inzenius Team supporting our clients and the the innovative Inzenius platform design.

Enjoy a little humour.#Thatsinzenius

Our integrated Rostering, Time and Attendance, Timesheet, Award Interpretation and STP2 compliant Payroll in one makes the entire process so efficient.

Automated Payroll Interpretation and payments for the approved Timesheets in the system reduce the time taken and potential errors for the Payroll processes.

Employees can now have dynamic advice of their Rosters, approved Timesheet, and Payroll via their chosen device. They can also track and apply for their own leave via their device.

As we move on from the Year End processing consider the alternative to you current separate system payroll processing to Inzenius’s one system for all the steps from Rostering to Payroll with inbuilt STP2 compliance.