All Inzenius clients are running their payroll on Inzenius’ ATO approved STP-2 tool with Inzenius team support provided in testing the business’ configuration as well as finalizing their year-end final payroll processing, they are all ready to move on with their lives

Integrating with the business HRM processes Inzenius can deliver the people communication and function in an efficient and engaging way.

The ability to have those in your team who Roster to be able to develop their Rosters, $ cost them and provide each employee their individual Rosters published to heir device in such efficient and engaging way.
Employee Leave requests with a summary of what leave is available from their device to their supervisor for approval simplifies this process.
Timesheets approved by management are available for the review of each employee on their device
Pay slip distribution is automated and published to each employee devices with the ability for them to review previous records.

The all-in one Inzenius system is so powerful.
Another valuable Inzenius feature is the ability to add the employees worked time and costs to each job as planned in the Roster and then measured in their timesheet for productivity analysis.

The employees’ times can be captured at the different work site locations using the integration of the timekeeping from their device to a GPS location. The location coordinates are easily tagged to each work site for identification of those employee’s times at site.

Quality Australian Innovation is at the core of Inzenius.