Focusing on the development of engaged team members will help improve on their job satisfaction and retention. I have seen this first hand in Inzenius with the average team members years of service of over 9 years.
The 9 years average years of service have been achieved in a great part due to:

  1. Engagement in interesting projects
  2. Expansion into functions or projects they desire to be involved in
  3. Support provided in their formal career development programs

I believe these are the top 3 key factors in their continued engagement and retention. Of course, there are other factors like team dynamics and renumeration that add to the business employee retention capabilities.

The idea of an employee staying with the one employer for long enough to receive the benefit of LSL has bee fast passing and is in fact accelerated due to the impact of the pandemic on job satisfaction and engagement.

My strong belief is that the key factor in each engaged employee job satisfaction is through the development opportunities offered to lift their employability for their chosen career goals.

Erica Keswin HBR contributor states “I’ve found that on-the-job professional development is a nearly perfect solution to many of the problems facing companies today”

Focusing on the team members journey to their goal will of course open them up to moving on if your company is not enabling them to continue to grow toward their goals within it; That’s OK, as their moving on may create the pathway for other engaged team members in the business to progress and stay with the company for longer periods.

The key in my opinion is to create and support the pathways to learning and expanding on the engaged team member capabilities so they can take advantage of the opportunities within and outside of the business.
It is a fact that not all team members have a career focus and will still be satisfied with a job. In these cases, the pathway to engagement and retention will be different.
Career path planning and implementation is needed to be on a person-by-person basis.
Inzenius’ Rostering and Payroll system is delivered by these engaged team members who are proud of the systems automated award interpretation and how it delivers payroll accuracy and efficiency to the company’s customers.