In the USA data presented by HBR Contributors   Joseph Fuller and William Kerr highlights this fact.

The following graph from the USA Bureau of Labour demonstrates the trend of employees leaving their job and the interruption to it during the Pandemic in the USA.

Great Resignation Before Covid HBR Link

The Pandemic did though emphasise the dissatisfaction of some employees and presented some models for many of what work of the future could be like.

In the contest for talent we cannot ignore this trend. It needs to be part of our employee retention and attraction consideration at least.

If the trend is sustained and maybe even become a permeant shift it may have a critical impact on our businesses attracting and retaining engaged employees.

Designing, implementing and bring forward employee satisfaction and communication strategies may the most important task to focus on today.

Undertaking contemporary employee two-way communications within the flow from Rostering to accurate, compliant Payroll may be a central component of trust and employee engagement building.