Empirical evidence that Engaged Employees can be the powerhouse of #BusinessPerformance.

HR’s role is pivotal to achieve success through the focus on #EmployeeEngagement.

“Any organization that has customer-facing employees should realize that they matter immensely to business success. By capturing and connecting the right data, executives will begin to see the link between employees, customers, and revenue”

Kate Gautier, Tiffani Bova, Kexin Chen, and Lalith Munasinghe HBR



HR need to shift its focus on employee engagement. Simplifying data capture, management and reporting tasks to free up the time through improved efficiency will be critical.


The use of smart Integrated HR and Payroll is the key to achieving the time and cost savings in all the Process from Employment to payroll production    #thatsInzenius.

By Brining all of these functions into an an efficient integrated process with high employee engagement tools tools with direct communications to their devices is the way to go.