Empathy and Reflection  are critical capabilities for team leaders.  In todays business environment these skills are seen as the oil for the wheel of team and business success. 

At Inzenius we have been  moving with the times by reflecting on how not understanding team views and positions  impacted on our team’s performance. This shift is what we call a Minties moment. That is one where in a meeting or discussion you take action to actively listen and understand empathetically. Listen to what the other person is saying to better understand their views and ideas. -Ever tried to talk while chewing a Mintie,

Follow this up with questions for clarification and confirmation. Take the time to consider and reflect on the proposition before responding. Such a process might be the most powerful tool to lift our business performances. It can also add to our own value to and indispensability. I have seen the results myself.

“Empathy, communication, adaptability, emotional intelligence, compassion. These are all skills you need to thrive in the workplace and become a great leader. Time and again, we even hear that these capabilities are the key to making yourself indispensable — not just now but far into the future”
by James R. Bailey and Scheherazade Rehman Article in HBR

The Power of Self Reflection

by James R. Bailey and Scheherazade Rehman Article in HBR

The focus on leaders’ soft skill capabilities is becoming a much more of a focus as businesses move through and past a crisis. Enhancing leaders’ soft skills capability with the appropriate employee engagement and communication tools can deliver exceptional outcomes.