The power of process #Agility in re-engineering business to these times and beyond may have been born from the concept of not letting a good crisis go to waste

“It’s a team committed to a mission and each other”  Keith Ferrazzi, author of Competing in the New World of Work.

He’s seeing how different organizations weathered the business storms and identified strengths of those doing it right, including being distributed, inclusive, resilient, empathetic, and, above all, agile.

“I kept hearing people say back in 2020”, “When are we going back to work?” And it kind of pissed me off. I didn’t want to ever go back to work, because I didn’t think work was serving us in the way in which we were working. I said, “No, let’s use this as an inflection point. Let’s learn, let’s step in and let’s go forward to work, not back.” Keith Ferrazzi, said

The #Business impact and changes of #Covid19 may be such a catalyst for business’  #People and Payroll  efficiency and accuracy improvement going forward.

At Inzenius we strive to help create and support teams improve processes and systems that efficiently enable powerful people engaging outcomes.

Lets consider the Great Resignation ” is something that will be the outcome of companies that aren’t proactive in the movement that’s really going on” “What do I really want for myself? What is work to me? What kind of flexibility do I require for myself? How do I deal with the fact that I’ve been home with my kids, and now I’m being asked not to be?” That’s the Great Exploration  Keith Ferrazzi, said